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Common Sense

Please read carefully:

- Oristano is well connected only with Cagliari airport (Elmas Aeroporto) through bus and railway services. The airports in Alghero and Olbia have not good connections with Oristano.

- Bus will stop at the following hotels:


camping village Spinnaker**** Località Marina di Torregrande, strada Torre Grande - Pontile, Oristano, Tel. +39.0783.22074 fax +39.0783.22071, on the beach of Torregrande with bungalows and mobilhouses


Mariano IV Palace Hotel**** Piazza Mariano, 50; Tel./Fax +39.0783.360101 (it is the stop of the nightly shuttle bus from Cagliari airport)

- the railway station is 10 minutes walk from the Cagliari airport

- the last train from Cagliari airport to Oristano is at 20:41. Then a shuttle bus is available at 23:30 stopping in front-right of Arrivals (in Oristano it stops in front of Hotel Mariano IV). Otherwise a train+bus is available at 22:08 but with a quite long trip to Oristano train station

- the first train from Oristano to Cagliari airport is a bus at 04:00 a.m. arriving at 06:00 a.m.. I suggest you to stay the previous night in Cagliari for the flights till 07:00 a.m. with hand luggage

- please check the following websites for updated information:

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