Sicomar Plus


The project SICOMAR plus (SIstema di COntrollo MARino) lasting three years, is the continuation of SICOMAR, and was funded under the 2014-2020 Interreg Italy-France Maritime Program. The project will tackle the issue of safety at sea and the monitoring of the marine environment over a cross-border area whose richness has been threatened by the continuous increasing of marine traffic of goods (especially dangerous goods) and passengers that cross the northern part of the Mediterranenan Sea for work or tourism. The area of interest is the Santuario Pelagos the wider marine protected area in the Mediterranean Sea.


SICOMAR plus aims to improve the safety of navigation in the cross-border maritime space, in particular in the Pelagos Sanctuary area. The project intends to achieve its objectives with the development of technologies and surveillance networks, the reduction of the uncertainty of the meteorological forecasting and marine circulation systems, the creation of emergency support models and risk management and services for safety at sea and environmental protection.


  • increase the extent of the monitored area (by using radar, satellites, in-situ instruments and / or integration of these systems);
  • improve the quality of sea state forecast;
  • training and demonstration activities, such as piloting in dangerous marine areas;
  • creation of tools for emergency management.